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Tropical ritual – Overall SPA ritual -140 min.


  • Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna of “KURSHI SPA” (30 min.)
  • Tropical peeling with sea salt cristals (30 min.)
  • Relaxing full body massage with essential oils (60 min.)
  • Relaxing face massage or head massage (20 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

Inspiring, aromatic and deeply caring SPA – ritual will allow to enjoy true care of the body and mind. Essential oil with lemongrass, mint, mango and tangerine aroma will be wonderfull tool to fight fatigue and stress, natural ingredients will take care of your skin, becoming firm and aromatic. Gentle peeling will cleanse, deeply nourish the skin and will improve its elasticity. Deeply relaxing massage with essential oil will help You to indulge in truly deep relaxation, calm down the mind, improve the mood and overall well-being. Pleasant face and head massage at the end of the ritual will bring gentle relaxation and help to get rid of fatigue signs and will bring deep sense of calm and lightness in Your spirit.

100,-EUR/1 person