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SPA Etiquette

Information & etiquette

Dear guests!

Personal consultation form 

Upon your first visit to KURSHI SPA, you will be kindly offered to fill personal consultation form to inform us about your health condition and possible diseases. This information would be prefferable for treatment selection and the best comfort provision.

SPA accessories 

KURSHI SPA will provide accessories, such as: hair dryer, bathrobe, towel, slippers, disposable underwear for SPA treatment visits.

KURSHI SPA bath complex 

It is forbbiden to bring own scrubs and whisking brooms in KURSHI SPA sauna and Turkish steam bath. There are no swimming pool or jacuzzi in complex. It is permitted to visit  SPA bath area only in swimming suits! In case You don’t have Your swimming suit, the administrator will issue the bedsheet for extra charge.

The saunas are also used to perform individual SPA-treatments listed below (Russian traditional steam bath ‘whisking’, turkish hammam treatment etc). In this case, there is no option for public use. But we always try to arrange the best comfort for Your rest, that is why we kindly ask You to book the time of your visit in advance.


The saunas are located on the ground floor, close to massage rooms where spa-treatments are provided. We kindly ask You to respect other customers and keep quiet atmosphere while resting in saunas and relaxation zone (please put Your cell phones on the quiet mode and leave them in the locker, speak quiet, have the oversight of Your kids). When booking the time of visit, please inform the administrator if You are planning to come in a group or with more than one kid. Thank You for understanding!


You are welcome to drink herbal tea or still water when resting at SPA bath area! It is forbidden to bring and use any alcoholic drinks or smoke in the bath area. 


KURSHI SPA will be pleased and happy to receive feedback about our services and recommendations.

Please feel free to leave feedback in Facebook, Instagram or Tripadvisor.

We appreciate Your attention and wish You a pleasant stay in our SPA!